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Thank you for visiting us here on the Chubby Chuck’s Chicken web site. We are a small Maw and Paw concession business that specializes in Fried Chicken, Chicken Strips and French Fries. We serve them up with our special gravy, accompanied by your choice of beverage. At Chubby Chucks we pride ourselves in providing really good food at an excellent price. It is also served up fast and hot. Our customers are amazed sometimes at how quickly we can serve them and it allows them to get back to the entertainment quickly with steaming hot,delicious Chubby Chuck's Chicken. Our Patrons realize that they can come to Chubby Chucks, stand in a lineup 20 people long and still get their meals faster than if they walked up to a vacant window at another concession.
At Chubby Chuck’s Chicken we have a small but delicious menu. Our chicken dinner is 2 pieces of crispy, scrumptious Chubby Chuck’s Chicken, or you can order the 3 piece Chicken Strip meal. Both of these are served upon a bed of golden french fries and can be accompanied with our special Chubby Chuck’s gravy or melted cheddar cheese sauce. Of course we also have a good assortment of hot and cold beverages.
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  since 1999
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